Arandel is a secret entity whose only function is to let the music take centre stage. Arandel is a proposal for variations "In D" a nod to Terry Riley’s seminal In C and to the American AvantGarde scene. Arandel is a political commitment, the quest of an authentic and organic sound. Arandel is a sound dogma, where the rules are deliberately strict – only resorting to his own recordings (no MIDI, no plugins, only analog synths), only his own instruments. Arandel is an experimental hub, where creation stays flexible. A Contemporary Classical Music in the broad sense of the word, with no stylistic boundaries. An original concept, a whole unheardof sound Solarispellis his sophomore effort was released in November 2014. Umbrapellis is a hybrid project including three original sections (4, 5 & 6) produced before the finalizing of Solarispellis as well four interludes based on other sections included in Solarispellis. 

Arandel performs live and dj set. He also presents his project “Cinemix” : supporting the images a Louis Feuillade movies, Arandel has imagine what silent movies would look like if sound design would have been made by electronic music pioneers. Setting up a full immersive experience, Arandel is accompanied on stage by two foley artists who reinvent live the sounds of the movie’s actions. 

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