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Belako are Josu Ximun Billelabeitia, Lore Nekane Billelabeitia, Lander Zalakain and Cristina Lizarraga. This band from Mungia has kicked off in the last two years playing non-stop around Spain and Europe. Anything can happen on the stage, but always power, electricity, an a 80’s good punk attitude. They’ve played at Spain’s biggest festivals; PRIMAVERA SOUND, BBK LIVE, FIB BENICASSIM, SOS 4.8, LOW FESTIVAL, DCODE, MAD COOL, SONORAMA, ARENAL, TERRITORIOS, TRES SESENTA, EBROVISION, JAZZALDIA, KUTXA KULTUR FESTIBALA, BIG FESTIVAL, NEOX ROCKS, BIME, SANTANDER MUSIC FESTIVAL... 

In 2012 they won Radio3 and Gaztea awards. In 2015 they won Rolling Stone’s and MIN Music Independent’s ‘best new band’ awards. In 2016 they won the RNE´s (Spanish National Radio) ‘Best modern music band’ award. High intensity, hypnotic melodies, great riffs, amazing bass rhythms, powerful drums. Every show goes from the darkness to the light, the 80´s through the 21st century, sweet voices to screams, relaxation to sweat… postpunk and electronic music too. 

Their first full-length release in 2013, EURIE, was the catalyst of their success, and this success has continued with 2EPs, released by their own label, Belako Rekords. 

“AAAA!!!!” (June of 2014) is the wildest BELAKO. Home recorded, they wanted the sound of Nirvana, 

The Clash, The Cure, Pixies and Sonic Youth. “BELE BELTZAK BAINO EZ” (June of 2014) has a modern sound, recorded on MusicBox Studios, produced by James Morgan and Josu Ximun. 

BELAKO is now presenting “HAMEN” their second full-length álbum released by Belako Rekords and 

Mushroom Pillow and also produced by James Morgan and Josu Ximun. They’ve obviously got a long, rockin’ future ahead of them. They have played this album in UK, PORTUGAL, GERMANY, MEXICO, Festivals like Reeperbahn, Breminale, Venues.  

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Dates :

8.06.19 - Festival Aucard de Tours - Tours/FR 
27.06.19 - festival Europavox 2019 – Clermont Ferrand/FR