Our Artists at Dour festival

Our artists at Dour Festival

Saturday, 15th July

Rone :  23:45 - 00:45 / La Petite Maison Dans La Prairie

Sunday, 16th July

Carl Craig Presents Versus Synthesizer Ensemble  : 22:20 - 23:30 / La Petite Maison Dans la Prairie


The artist will unveil the first extracts of his forthcoming album at a handful of key European festivals this summer.

Under this stage name, the musician and producer Erwan Castex has been constantly winning over crowds here, there and everywhere (Asia, America and more). France granted him a fine apotheosis las January when he had the honour of playing a sold-out performance at the Philharmonie de Paris – a setting equalling his elegantly constructed compositions combining ambient music with electronica. The beating heat of the InFiné stable, this thirty-something has released three lauded albums, most notably Creatures (2015) whose follow-up is being awaited with baited breath.



Carl Craig Presents Versus Synthesizer Ensemble  

In 2008 at La Cité de la Musique, Carl Craig played his best techno songs revisited in a symphonic way with Francesco Tristano for an exceptional concert. After a long process of reflexion/composition/recording, their album «Versus» was released in May 2017 ( InFiné Music / Planet-e). With the side-project «Versus Synthesizer Ensemble», Carl Craig presents a live variation orchestrated with a large and rare range of keyboards and synths. First date at Sonar on June 17th, be there !