Lumière Noire - label nights curated by Chloé

Lumière Noire is a creative entity pitched somewhere between a club night and a record label.

Chloé resolved to make 2018 the year that Lumière Noire becomes an entity all it own.

“the idea is to take the time to work on a 12” the way we would on a full album, to be a vector between the artists so that they can collaborate together and remix each other’s work, to come up with a visual identity. The club events will be like our club house, where our artists come together to share the Lumière Noire world with our audience.”


Lumière Noire - next events  

28.04.18 / Centre Pompidou
Lumière Noire 1st Year Anniversary-PART I

28.04.18 / Rex Club
Lumière Noire 1st Year Anniversary-PART II

29.09.18 / Rex Club
Lumière Noire


past events


Lumière Noire artists  

IlestVilaine  LIVE and DJ SET

Markus Gibb / DJ SET

Sutja Gutierrez / LIVE and DJ SET

Iñigo Vontier/ DJ SET

Moderna y Theus Mago / DJ SET

Theo Muller / DJ SET


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