brook Line

Mouton Noir Records / FR

Overnight electro sensation at the ‘Inouis Printemps de Bourges 2018’ festival, the young electronic music producer BROOK LINE offers a brilliant live revealing a dark and elegant universe.

Brook Line discovers electro and techno very young, starting his career sharing the scene with Rone, Mr Oizo, Her and Panteros666. In March 2016 he releases his first EP "Paradoxe" on Mouton Noir Records label, praised by Aglory, Atix, or Epic Empire, with tracks combining percussions and dark atmospheres. This first EP, is followed by an EP remixes edited by the artist Molécule on his remarkable label Mille Feuilles and commended by critics.

Brook Line will soon release his first album and will present a powerful and immersive live. Meet him on the road next year.

Available from autumn 2018 in club & festivals.

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Dates :

06.12.18 - Transmusicales - Rennes/FR