Dj Krush

Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Dj Krush is a gifted producer & DJ with a superb sense in Mixing and composing. It was the movie "WILD STYLE" that got him into hiphop in the early 80's, and in 1987, he formed KRUSH POSSSE which made numerous appearances in various media as the best hiphop act in Japan. KRUSH pursued his solo career after the break-up of the group in late 1992, and soon grabbed people's attention as the first DJ to use turntables as live instruments, doing free sessions with live musicians on stage. He released his first album in January 1994, and since then released countless records in Japan, Europe, US and around the globe.

Breaking 11 years of silence, DJ Krush released last October ‘Butterfly Effect’. DJ KRUSH has performed in front of over 5 million audiences in 313 cities of 50 countries. And he still continues to renew this record, transcending all barriers, and leaving some distinctive footsteps of his own, achieving ever increasing acclamation as an international artist. He is also considered as one of the pioneers of turntablism and after more than 25 years in the business you may confidently say: DJ KRUSH is a legend !

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