Created by Maotik and Fraction, DROMOS is an audiovisual performance immersing the audience in the center of a sound system and video projection over 360 °.
The purpose of the sketches is to show two possible configurations to adapt immersive performance and ins- tallation designed originally for domes in a form that can still feature an intense immersive experience for audience, and which are potentially easier to set in regular venue. Dromos was basically designed for satos- phere (SAT) in Montreal only. The creators propose to adapt the aesthetics create in that work for a new piece.
Following sketches are primary and simple proposition, designed without knowing precise dimension of the room, and possible configuration. Since Dromos, Fraction has in addition to that, recently develop new skills to perform live 3D sound, using ambisonics technics. It would be interesting to think of this as a potential innovating feature in this news piece. That would involve to think of the sound system according to this possibility.