francesco tristano presents p:anorig

Francesco Tristano is a composer, producer and pianist virtuoso, that outs electronic and classical music boundaries. He is a pioneer that has collaborated with some of the most respected artists such as Ryuichi SakamotoLucianoDerrick MayCarl CraigMoritz von OswaldMurcof, as well as the Russian National Orchestra, the Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin, and has numerous albums released of his own music and Bach interpretations. Drawing on its experience, Francesco presents today his most achieved electronic live act: P:ANORIG.

Comprising of new productions displaying Francesco´s live keyboard skills, the music breathes in tune with the scenographic design. The rig has its own rhythm and calls for interaction with the space. Following the essence of techno, the show will chase its premises: simplicity, minimalism and the powerful rhythm.

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