infiné 10 ans

The idea of the label InFiné came true in February 2005 when Alexandre Cazac attends a concert by Francesco Tristano at Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris. The pianist covered Strings of Life, founding track of Detroit techno music, produced by Derrick May.
Officially, the label is born in January 2006 when Sebastien Devaud and Yannick Matray joined Alexandre Cazac. Their first release is indeed the track Strings of Life interpreted by Francesco Tristano, with remixes from the German producers Apparat and Kiki.
In 2007, Julien Gagnebien goes into partnership with InFiné and opens an office in Berlin, giving life to the will of opening to international from the label.
In 2007, Sebastien Devaud aka Agoria leaves the label to dedicate himself to his dj carreer.
The label’s approach is transversal and multidisciplinary – following Raymond Loewy’s motto ‘Most Advanced Yet Acceptable’. InFiné intends to ‘promote meetings between styles and generations, but also between disciplines’ . It uses electronic music as a vehicle for promoting uncharted musical territories where heritage and avant-garde are mixed. On one hand we find a generation of electronic producers (Danton Eeprom, Rone, Clara Moto, Cubenx, Arandel), on the other hand musiciens from jazz, world, classic or contemporary music (Francesco Tristano, Bachar Mar-Khalifé, Aufgang, Pedro Soler, Bruce Brubaker).