Kid Koala

In 1974, Kid Koala a.k.a Eric San was born in Vancouver, Canada. By the time he was twelve years old, and after many years of classical piano lessons, he made his first "scratch" on his sister's record player and began saving his money to buy his first turntable set-up.

By the early 1990's, Eric was living in Montreal when Jon More (co-owner of UK record label Ninja Tune, and half of Coldcut) came to visit Montreal, Eric's innovative and humourous mix tape "Scratchcratchratchatch" ended up playing on the car stereo. Shortly thereafter, Eric, now Kid Koala, became Ninja Tune's first North American signing. In February of 2000, the imprint released Kid Koala's debut album "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". A tour featuring 6 turntables soon followed and took the young artist throughout North America and Europe. 

But while he was on the road, new projects were brewing. Kid Koala continued to keep himself busy on his downtime with the help of pencil and paper. Many sketch books later, his first book Nufonia Must Fall was published in March of 2003 by ECW Press. This 350-page illustrated love story about an out-of-work robot and a workaholic girl was accompanied by a 'soundtrack' of short record of original, experimental piano-based compositions. 

Kid Koala's second full-length album on Ninja Tune "Some of My Best Friends are DJs" will be released in October 2003. It is an album (with a 50-page book) that clearly shows the evolution of a young artist, expanding on musical themes from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as introducing entirely new musical concepts.

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