larnak artefax

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Glasgow-based electronic musician Lanark Artefax came to prominence following the release of his ‘Glasz’ EP on Lee Gamble's UIQ label in 2016. Having been championed by heavyweights like Björk and Aphex Twin, he returned in 2017 with an EP for Nic Tasker's ‘Whities’ label to massive critical acclaim, marking him out as one of the most exciting young artists in the UK right now. His live show debuted at Unsound in 2017, which was widely hailed as one of the highlights of the festival. Recent/upcoming gig highlights: Unsound, Sonar Barcelona, Sonar Istanbul, Mutek Montreal, Rewire, Berghain Säule, Club To Club, Donau, Melt!, Nuit Sonores.

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