nova materia

NOVA MATERIA is a Franco-Chilean duo formed by Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez. Nova material is already known under the name of PANICO, a post-punk chilean band with which they traveled the world and released more than ten albums. The remarkably memorable "Subliminal Kill", released in 2005 on the Parisian label Tigersushi, allowed them to come back to Europe.

Nothing in them is common. Their instruments are steel tubes, iron plates, rubbed stones or projected on metal surfaces, guitars  struck with mallets. The group sets up the instruments to turn them into a sound and visual installation and offer the most innovative and creative music of the moment.

Their concerts are a hypnotic celebration of music, oscillating between electronic music and industrial post-punk where the primitive sound of stones and electronic rhythms coexist in a same musical universe. Their performances are also sensory experiences that make Nova Materia a true machine to dance. Their shows are unforgettable.

Album It Comes available

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Dates : 
12.10.19 - Festival Le 4ème Mur - Niort/FR
31.10.19 - Les IndisciplinÉes 2019 – Lorient/FR
01.11.19 - Razzmatazz - Barcelone/ES

Past dates :
01.06.19 - Nuits sonores - Lyon/FR   
07.06.19 - Yeah Festival ! - Lourmarin/FR  
08.06.19 - VILLETTE SONIQUE – Paris/FR 
15.06.19 - Le Romandie - Lausanne/SW
12.07.19 Transfert - Rezé/FR
13.07.19 - NOS Alive - Lisboa/PT