paris psych fest

Early 60’s, american west coast.
A new phenomenon is rising in the restricted underground culture, even going beyond its borders to become a real musical and social revolution. Under the aegis of the 13th Floor Elevator band, the phenomenon takes off with Jimi Hendrix’s famous album ‘Are You Experienced?’. Since then, psychedelic music became a culture in its own right, one of the rock’s major movement, way beyond the 60’s iconoclast energy.
This musical scene has always kept exporting and developing, but today a true artistic renewal is giving to psyche a previously unseen extent.
Within this abundant creativity takes place the Paris International Festival of Psychedelic Music  With the will to supply and spread this fascinating culture, the festival offers a multidisciplinary event.
After only three years of existence, the PIFPM is already settled as one of the big french festivals. Its success with the public as well as the mass medias is stimulating enough to keep on creating in music, visual arts and cinema.

Artists that have performed at PIFPM :

Temples / The Soft Moon / La Femme / King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / The Horrors / Clinic / Jacco Gardner / Woods / Zombie Zombie / Toy / Tomorrow’s Tulips / The KVB / Night Beats / Psychic Iils / Jessica 93 /   Forever Pavot / Wall of Death / Pauw / The Underground Youth / Camera / The Oscillation / Ulrika Spacek / The Feeling of Love / The Cosmic Dead / Bon Voyage Organisation / Nova Materia / Orval Carlos Sibelius / Rendez Vous / Heimat / Radar Men From The Moon / Dorian Pimpernel / Gozilla / Los Headaches / Cabaret Contemporain / Balladur / The Blondi’s Salvation / Cannery Terror / Casamance / Vox Low / Walleyed / Faire…

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