the pilotwings

Some time ago, the entire Lyon scene was swept away by a wave that nobody saw coming: Pilotwings, the strangest and most exciting musical duo to have ever emerged from the city. Spearheads of the Brothers from Different Mothers label (BFDM, for those in the know), and having enjoyed dalliances with Baldwin Records and local legends Macadam Mambo, Guillaume and Louis continue to espouse a unique musical aesthetic and an entirely original interpretation of partying.

This idiosyncratic pairing search for inspiration in anything from retro video games to schoolboy humour, pop culture and over-the-top derision. However, they really stand out due to the quality of their productions, a breath of fresh air in a Lyon scene too often absorbed by holier-than-thou house and techno etiquette. While their album Les Portes Du Brionnais may have been their breakthrough release, the story of Pilotwings actually began much earlier, the duo having released two EPs on BFDM – including the stunning Agorespace – as well as an additional release on Macadam Mambo and a live set pulled from their album. More than anything, their unique achievement is to have succeeded in delighting even the most demanding of listeners with their exhilarating blend of breakbeat, synth pop, cosmic disco, tribal exploration and 80s aesthetics.

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