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The work of Apparat has always had a common denominator : an elegance that embraces and gives layers of nuanced detail and almost universal beauty.

As a member of Moderat, whose latest album III was released in 2016 on Monkeytown (Mute in North America), alongside Ellen Allien (Bubble Orchestra) or solo, Apparat seeks to transcend the dance floor and the concert hall, focusing on the microphone to enhance the macro with melodies that resonate in the memory.

Apparat has recently focused on film, television and theatrical production. He has been honored for his works such as ‘Capri-Revolution’ (director Mario Martone, 2018), winner of the Best Soundtrack Award at the Venice Film Festival, and his collaboration with Transforma and the Manufactory’s installation artists , which was recently presented at the London Barbican.

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Dates :
17.10.19 - ADE Live - Amsterdam/NL

Past dates :
25.07.19 - JACK IN THE BOX FESTIVAL - Marseille/FR