RONE announces his fourth album MIRAPOLIS - set for release in October 2017

The artist will unveil the first extracts of his forthcoming album at a handful of key European festivals this summer.

In under 10 years, French producer Rone has become a key player of the French electronic scene with a distinctive universe where sweet melodies can capsize at any moment in his machines’ freeing expression.

The albums « Spanish Breakfast » (2009) and « Tohu Bohu » (2012) revealed the sensitivity of this self-taught musician overflowing with creativity, enthusiasm and personality, while « Creatures » (2015) has paved the way for collaborations with musicians the likes of Etienne Daho, Bryce Dessner, Frànçois Marry de François & the Atlas Mountains, Gaspar Claus but also Yael Naïm, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc. A former cinema student, Rone has also developed a rich and unique visual universe by surrounding himself with inspirational artists both for his LPs’ artworks and his videos. On stage, Rone's music stretches out full span and becomes a blissful aural experience. Over the years, he has conquered the hearts of the public with exceptional live shows around the world, performing both in festivals and prestigious venues.

With « Mirapolis », Erwan Castex opens a new chapter populated with new encounters, starting with Michel Gondry who designed the artwork of the album. In parallel, he began a long tour during which the public will discover his new creations as well as the anthems that have made his success.

Michel Gondry unveiled the cover artwork of Mirapolis. 

It features a portrait of Rone with a backdrop of skyscrapers and futuristic buildings, reminiscent of the Archigram collectives of the 1960s' architectural extravagances or those of French SF writer Alain Damasio in The Outer Zone. Our superheRone, redefined in bichromic version, projects an array of purple cryptomium and psychedelic colours dazzling the viewer. Sprawled across the top, the ancient and enigmatic name of a citadel.

Michel Gondry is a French film and music video director. He shares with Rone a dual love of image and sound. Since the beginning of the nineties, Gondry has produced videos for Bjork, the White Stripes, Rolling Stones, Chemical Brothers, Beck or Daft Punk. The cult DVD collection The Work of Director which devoted a volume to the productions of Michel Gondry is one of the most cherished pieces of Rone's film library. His feature films Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleepand Be Kind, Rewind (to name but a few), adapt the big screen to Gondry's style - resolutely singular and offbeat, shifting between modern animation technologies and vintage collage techniques.  

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11.11.17 - Steel Yard ­- London/UK
16.11.17 - La BAM - Metz/FR
17.11.17 - L’Astrolabe - Orléans/FR
18.11.17 - Chabada - Angers/FR
22.11.17 - La Belle Electrique - Grenoble/FR
23.11.17 - Gaskessel - Bern/CH
24.11.17 - La Rodia - Besançon/FR
25.11.17 - La Laiterie - Strasbourg/FR
30.11.17 - Le Cargö - Caen/FR
01.12.17 - Le 106 - Rouen/FR
02.12.17 - La Carêne - Brest/FR
07.12.17 - Rockstore - Montpellier/FR
08.12.17 - L' Etoile - Avignon/FR
09.12.17 - Le Fil - Saint Etienne/FR
13.12.17 - Trianon - Paris/FR - SOLD OUT
15.12.17 - Prince Charles - Berlin/DE
18.01.17 - Eurosonic - Groningen/NL
19.01.18 - Westerunie - Amsterdam/NL
27.01.18 - Le Bikini - Toulouse/FR
31.01.18 - Transbordeur - Lyon/FR
01.02.18 - Confort Moderne - Poitiers/FR
02.02.18 - Liberté - Rennes/FR
03.02.18 - Oasis - Le Mans/FR
08.02.18 - L'autre Canal - Nancy/FR
03.03.18 - La Vapeur - Dijon/FR
10.03.17 - Cabaret Aléatoire - Marseille/FR
15.03.18 - Thonex Live - Geneva /CH
16.03.18 - Case à Chocs - Neuchâtel/CH
17.03.18 - Paradis Artificiels - Zénith - Lille/FR
31.03.18 - Le Lieu Unique - Nantes/FR
05.05.18 - Ancienne Belgique - Brussels/BE
17.05.18 - Elsewhere - Brooklyn/USA
19.05.18 - Santa Teresa Music & Arts Festival – Montreal/CA
15.06.18 - Zénith - Paris/FR - NEW

"Brest", inspired by the French city of the same name, is the first extract of the electronic music producer's fourth album, "Mirapolis" set for release on November 3 on Infiné.