luke vibert


Electronic music legend Luke Vibert started his career in the early 1990s, releasing his first album (together with Jeremy Simmonds) on Richard D James’ Rephlex.

In 2004, Vibert explored acid disco when he remixed a Black Devil song, which was released on Disco Club (Remix) and released his first album under the alias Kerrier District. In 2006, a collection of vintage Plug drum'n'bass songs were released on Here It Comes EP.

In 2006, Vibert's song "Shadows" was featured on the DJ mix album A Bugged Out Mix by Miss Kittin, which charted at number one-hundred seventy on the French Albums Chart. In 2009, he contributed a cover of LFO's song "LFO" to the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation.

Over the years, Vibert has released music on other iconic labels, such as Warp, Ninja Tune and Planet Mu, and under a wide number of aliases, including Amen Andrews, Spac Hand Luke, Plug, Kerrier District and The Ace of Clubs, as well as Wagon Christ.

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